Student Travel Grants

Students travel grants are available for those students  joining the congress.

Sponsor 1: The Palaeontological Association (PALASS).

  • 1 grant for a British student and/or based at a British Institution.

Sponsor 2: The Paleontological Society (PALSOC).

  • 1 grant

Sponsor 3: International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ)

  • Applicants must be a TWG and/or ICAZ members.
  • 3 grants: one for an overseas student and two for Europeans (non-bristish).
How to apply:

First, your abstract must have been accepted either for a podium or poster presentation at the 2022 meeting.  Then you can apply by sending a letter to  justifiying your financial costs .

The letter must include:

  1. Institution and location data.
  2. A list of your anticipated expenses.
  3. Information on any other funds you already have at your disposal (i.e. grants, scholarships, stipends).
  4. A CV  (one page).